Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


Camp Store

The recommended camp spending money is $25.00 for the camp session. Please place the funds you wish to be available for special trips, odds n ends, stamps, etc. in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Campers should not keep cash in their cabins.  Any unused funds will be returned to the camper on the last day of camp.

Medical Fees and Health Certificate

Parents are responsible for all camper medical fees. Any medical bills incurred during the program will be billed, whenever possible, directly to the parent’s insurance carrier. The camp carries a standard group policy which is secondary to any existing policy and primary if there is no insurance. If you already carry insurance for your child please send proof of insurance coverage. A camp director will communicate with parents by phone in the event of significant illness or injury. Please let us know if there are any health concerns including allergies, asthma, etc.

Packages and Mail at Camp

All campers love to receive mail from family and friends, so write often! Campers are encouraged to write home at least once per session. We ask you not to send commercial packages to your camper. It can lead to unintended competition within the cabin group and sometimes even hurt feelings. Please limit packages to basic necessities for camp and reading books. Packages of food, this includes candy, will be held until the end of each session. However, if you would like to send something for the whole camp, please contact us. Food in our cabins attracts critters. Packages may be addressed to camper’s name, c/o Pepperland Farm Camp, 252 Hayford Lane, Murphy, NC 28906.


A staff person will take laundry to the local laundry once a week. Nevertheless, clothes are sometimes stained or lost. Please do not send to camp new or valuable clothes, or clothes that will bleed.

Visitation Policy and Phone Calls

When a camper leaves home, he or she needs to be allowed the space to develop his or her own personality. Therefore, we discourage phone and visitation interruptions from parents or relatives during the camp session. Our office gladly accepts phone calls from parents interested in their child’s progress at camp. We can arrange for your child’s counselor to call you with a “progress report”. Children should not be called during a session except in the case of an emergency.

Cabin Assignments

Cabin groups are determined according to age and grade level to insure compatible levels of maturity. Please let us know if your child has a cabin mate preference. We can not guarantee that your child will be placed in the same cabin with his or her preference(s), however, we will try to honor special requests. Please try to limit your requests to one other person. The directors reserve the right to make the final decisions on cabin assignments.

What to Pack

We play a lot at Pepperland. We will get wet and dirty. Sometimes it is hot; sometimes it gets cool, even cold. We want our campers to be comfortable and equipped to meet what each day has to offer head on. We recommend bringing durable and inexpensive clothes. A packing list will be provided. A trunk is the easiest and most accessible packing container for your camper or a large suitcases should not be higher than 13 ¼ inches. Anything taller will not fit under the bunk beds. Another idea would be to consider packing in a Rubbermaid tub with a lid.

Arrival Day

Arrival at camp is exciting for everyone, especially our campers. Please plan to arrive at 2 o’clock. Upon arrival, you will be directed to our parking area where a camp staff person will locate your child’s counselor. The counselor will help carry your child’s luggage to their cabin and escort you to our check-in area. After getting your child settled and organized, we encourage you to tour the camp if you have never seen Pepperland. Parents often ask: “How long do we stay?” It has been our experience that lingering for an unnecessarily long period of time hinders a child from becoming involved in activities. Stay long enough to get your child moved in and settled. We ask that all parents leave by 3:30 so that our staff and your camper can begin the camp session.



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